Muscle pain or fibromyalgia as name implies is pain in different muscles of body. Fibromyalgia is a manifested by chronic, diffuse musculoskeletal aching and soreness, palpable muscle tender points, and other symptoms (anxiety and functional impairment of daily activates).  Ittypically presents in young or middle-aged women. Other causes can be Inadequate blood supply, Over use of muscle, Dehydration, Stress, Strain, Cramps and Vitamin/ Mineral deficiency.

Ozone therapy is very effects in muscle pain. Fibromyalgia is characterized by small nodules in muscles called tender points which are source of propagation of muscle pains. It these nodules are treated there will be significant reduction in body muscle pains and aches. Muscle spasm is also another cause of pain.

Ozone is given intra dermally and sub cutaneously with the help of a small 27 G needle resulting in lysis of nodule causing reduction in pain. Ozonated oils can be applied twice daily with good results. Ozone increases pain threshold with reduced pain sensitivity resulting in reduced pain sensations. Muscle pain and spasm is relieved with its relaxation. It has no side effects or no complications. Ozone therapy is economical, effective and reliable treatment with significant reduction in muscle pains.