Ozone can be administered through a small tube in to rectum without any pain or side effects. This procedure is used throughout the world for patient wanting to improve immunity and resistance against infections. It is also used to treat Hepatitis B and C as viruses cannot survive in high oxygen environment. There is significant decrease in viral load after few sessions. Ulcerative colitis patients are another indication of this procedure.

Few types of infection of rectum and anal canal can be benefited by this procedure.

In Peria nal sinuses, Ozone can be given in to the sinus tract with amazingly good results.  Rectal insufflation also shows its effectiveness against children with autism and other behavioral issues as ozone absorbed in blood through rectal wall will go to brain improving circulation and oxygenation causing improvement in areas causing autism in brain.

For the procedure, patient has to lie down along the side and ozone is given with the help of small tubing in to rectum. Procedure has minimal pain and takes few minutes. One or two sessions per week are needed. No specific precautions after the session.

Ozone is effective and economical treatment for many conditions related to rectum and is showing good results in treatment of hepatitis B and C. It is good source to increased immunity for general well being.