Neck Pain

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Neck pain is one most disturbing pains which are very difficult to treat. It not only involves neck but extends to base of skull, mid back, shoulders and both arms. Pain can result in numbness of both arms with progressive weakness in holding daily use articles like tea cups.

Pain traveling to left arm may mimic cardiac pain and is very worrisome and source of added anxiety. There can be many causes of neck pain starting from muscle spasm to fibromyalgia, osteophytes (Bone edges), slip discs, nerves compression and neck region infections. Most of the painsare treatable with the help small exercise and few small noninvasive interventional procedures. It is mandatory to find the cause of pain in order to treat it accordingly.  Search for diagnosis starts from good physical examination to neck x rays, ultrasound and MRI.

Ozone can be of great help in most causes of neck pain. It is the easiest way to relieve neck pain. In case of muscle spasm, neck pain and osteophyte formation, it is injected into skin at different points with minimal pain and very good results. Local anesthetic spray is used before hand to further reduce pain. It relieves spasm and relaxes muscles resulting in pain relief. It can be given sub cutaneously, intra muscularly and in to the disc depending upon condition of patient and MRI report.

Most of patient get significant improvement after putting it on skin. A very small 27 G needle is used and procedure takes three to five minutes. Patient can go home and start normal activities soon. Three to five sessions may be needed depending upon condition and response of patient.

Ozone therapy is effective treatment for most types of neck pain with almost no side effects and complications. It should be first line of treatment if pain is not relieved by rest and medication.

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