Major Autohemotherapy

This is a procedure in which we take 100 ml of blood from vein, mix it with ozone and reinfuse it immediately. Process takes 30 to 45 minutes and patient can go home. It acts as immunity enhancer, immune modulator and antioxidant.

This is used in wide variety of conditions. It is very effective treatment for Hepatitis B and C, herpes and AIDS. Fungal infections and allergic condition get lot of benefit from this procedure. Cancer patients who cannot receive chemotherapy due to old age, increased side effects or cost issues can get benefit, although it is not replacement of chemo, but its effectivity as alternate treatment is well established. Patients who are getting chemo show deceased side effects like vomiting, lethargy and hair fall with increased response of chemotherapy.  Depression, anxiety and migraine patients can have marked improvement after few sessions. One major used of autohemotherapy in Europe and USA is improved well being and vitality, when it is used with high dose of intravenous Vit C, results get much better.

Major auto hemotherapy is a procedure with lot of benefits having no side effects. This is being done in large number in Europe, China, Russia and USA.

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