Back pain is most common problem in sedentary life style which favors no exercise with lot of fast food and is aggravated by stress. Backache not only cause pain radiating to both legs but is also a source of depression further worsening the problem. Treatment give in mostly pain killers which result in stomach issue and drug resistance causes ever increasing doses.

Exercise and change in life style can help but if the problem is severe muscle spasm and disc herniation then condition may require surgery which has its own side effects and complications.

Ozone therapy can provide the relief without any side effect. It is safe, convenient and with complications. It is a much better option than steroids. For Muscular spasm, it is injected with very small 27G (insulin syringe like) needle in to skin and sub cutaneous tissue. It is rapidly absorbed and high oxygen contact help to relive spasm and heal inflammation relieving pain and relaxing muscles. Few sessions each with duration of few minutes one week apart may be needed to get maximum results. No side effects and complications. Patient can go home immediately and start daily routine work.

Other major cause of low back pain is disc herniation. Lower discs can slip backwards causing pressure on nerves resulting in back pain radiating to legs also known as Sciatica.

If not relieved by medication surgery is one of the options which lot of side effects and complications. Here ozone can help with a specialized procedure performed by interventional radiologist, a specially trained doctor, who will inject small amount of ozone into effected disc under angio-floro guidance. This procedure also lasts 5 minutes and is done without anesthesia, cutting or stitching. It causes disc to shrink gradually, reducing pressure on nerves and hence pain gets much better. Only one hour stay in hospital and then patient can be shifted to its home. It may need more than one session 1-2 weeks apart depending on degree of herniation and response of patient.

More than 55 thousand patients done in Pakistan till now with 75-85% success rate without any side effects. Ozone therapy for low back pain is effective, easy, relatively economical and reliable treatment.