Hip Pain

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Hip  joint is a ball-and-socket joint like the shoulder. It therefore has wide possibilities of movement.The legs receive 80% of body weight through the femoral heads. Hip movements are achieved only through the coxofemoral joint which is highly stable and well seated. Both Sacro iliac joints also contribute to hip pain in the form of sacroilitis. Regarding hip joint, Osteoarthritis is commonest cause of hip pain. Less commonly, hip pain may be caused by:

Muscular injuries, Femeroacetabular impingment, Hip fracture ,Hip necrosis, Bursitis and Hamstring injury.

Ozone therapy is beneficial as it is least invasive with maximum results. For muscular cause ozone can be injected with a small 27 G syringe into skin and sub cutaneious tissue which absorbs ten times more than oxygen and helps to relieve pains due to muscular spasm and inflammations. Hip joint can be approached laterally under floro or ultrasound guidance and a small needle can be inserted into superior margin of ball and socket joint. Small amount of ozone injected can relieve pain without any side effects. Ozone therapy is economical, quick and effective relief without any side effects.


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