Infection of vagina, cervix and uterus is common problem in females of all ages. It leads not only to lower abdominal pain, menstrual disturbance but a foul-smelling discharge. Due to damp place and resistant organisms it is very difficult to treat and keeps.

On occurring again. Extensive anti biotics and anti-fungal medicines result in side effects starting from stomach disturbance to body allergic rashes.

Ozone gives treatment with no side effects, minimal pain and effective results. Ozone is given with the help of a small tube/catheter in to vagina for few minutes so that it goes directly into site of infection and treats the cause of problem. There is negligible pain with no major side effects. Few sessions may be needed mostly once a week. Ozonated water can be used later to clear remaining infection and it helps to revive vaginal epithelium. It can help in reducing vaginal laxity and improves muscle tone. No antibiotics or steroids are used

With no side effects or complications. Vaginal insufflation is easy, economical and effective way to treat most of vaginal problems.