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Best Doctor for P-Shot, P-Shot Doctor in Lahore, P-Shot In Lahore, P-Shot Treatment In Lahore, P-Shot at Ozone Clinic Lahore: The P-Shot, also known as the Priapus Shot, is a medical procedure that helps to rejuvenate and repair tissues and cells in penis resulting in better strength and increased power. It involves injecting a platelet-rich plasma protein into the penis to promote growth factors.

The P-Shot is created by extracting the plasma from whole blood through centrifugation, resulting in a greater concentration of growth factors than in whole blood. This platelet extract contains more than 28 growth factors that can rejuvenate older cells and help to build new blood vessels, nerves and other muscular tissues resulting in increased blood flow to the penis resulting in increased strength, increased width and length of penis. It effects may last from 6 months to 18 months and may require more than one sessions about 03 weeks apart.

At OZONE CLINIC in Lahore, Pakistan, we do it in a unique way, which is not done in any other clinic. Ultrasound scan of penis is done to see any abnormality in muscular tissue of penis.

Points of injections are marked with ultrasound. After the injection muscles are given Ozone, which is pure oxygen and helps in increased blood flow and energy to the penile muscles increasing strength, vigor and vitality.

Post procedure instructions are given and follow time is allotted to be in touch with the patient.

This procedure is being done in more than 60 countries. No serious side effect have been noted during or after the treatment.

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