Joint Pain Treatment Pakistan | Joint Pain Doctor In Lahore

Joint pain is most common problem among old age and relatively younger patients. It can cause disability in performing daily activities, which can affect quality of life leading to decrease work performance, mood variations and even depression. Joint pain is also known as arthritis. We can avoid and delay joint pains by simple alterations in daily habit so that we may not need expansive medicines, which have their own side effects.

Pains can be avoided by simple methods. We will try to discuss few of these which are very effective for joint pain which are as follows:

Loss of weight:

One should try to lose weight to get rid of joint pains. Different exercises like walk, jogging and swimming along with diet control can control or reduce weight.

Include essential food supplements:

Omega-3 fatty acids should be in diets for ideal health. Such as Fish oil supplements, which have high quantity of omega-3s, may help reduce joint pain and increase mobility.

Repetitive motion:

The repetitive motion can result in early joint degeneration resulting in pain. You might be surprised by cause of pain which may not be of any attention. Professionals like computer operators, drilling and even drivers can have joint pains.

Relaxing: Physical activity is important for proper working of joints and long term health. Giving a break from same repetitive motions can result in joint viability improving their performance. Pain full joints can have some benefit from getting rest but long term inactivity is as dangerous as well as it can reduce mobility.

Role of Ozone in Joint pains.

Medications given in case of joint pains can result in damaging stomach mucosa resulting in ulcers, liver and kidney problems. Ozone O3 is the purest form of oxygen with no side effects what so ever.  It can be given sub cutaneously in all joints like shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints and if needed into joints with very good results with no side effects. Ozone increases amount of oxygen in joints along with increased blood flow, both of which cause early healing and speedy recovery.

It is recommended that joint pain if not treated with traditional methods like physiotherapy, rest and medication. Ozone should be given. It has no side effects but can result in reduced joint pains with increased mobility. Healing can be rapid and long term.  Joints get better early with no side effects and no need take most of the medicines.