Cosmetic Ozone Therapy In Pakistan

The signs of aging begin to appear with time and the skin loses elasticity. Ozone therapy is a new treatment technique which prevents the early signs of maturing and keeps skin glowing without any cosmetic intervention. Freckles, acni and aging marks can be removed with the help of ozone. Increased tone of skin with glow can be achieved with the help of ozone with out using steroid or hormone enriched creams. Pimples when get infected need lot of antibiotic both oral and local for their treatment and they grow again after some time.

Ozone in very low concentration is given at the base of each pimple, as ozone is very potent anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent, it eliminates infection with out scar mark. Ozone can also be given mixed with blood in a procedure called autohemotherapy (MAH) with high dose Vit C causing increased immunity, wellbeing given better tone and glow to the patient’s skin.

Ozone is being used throughout the world without any side effects as no chemicals, hormones or steroids are used. It effective, economical and latest treatment with high quality of skin care.