About us – Dr. Shahzad Karim Bhatti

Dr. Shahzad Karim Bhatti

MCPS.FCPS. FAAOT (USA), MSc Pain medicine
Interventional Radiologist and pain management consultant
Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

/Fatima Jinnah Medical University(FJMU), Lahore, Pakistan.

Visiting Faculty Radiology, University of Lahore (UOL), Lahore, Pakistan

Certified Ozonotherapy/Prolotherapy Specialist, Nevada, USA.

Specialized training in Intraspinal Ozone therapy, Naples, Italy.

Specialized training in MSK and intra vascular ozone, Germany.

Member British Pain Society, London, UK.

Member World Ozone Federation (IMOF), Madrid, Spain.

General Secretary, Ozone Society of Pakistan.

Visiting Faculty Radiology, University of Lahore, Lahore


Website: www.ozoneclinic.pk

Facebook: theozoneclinic

YouTube: The Pain Management

E-mail:  info@ozoneclinic.pk

Mobile:  +92 333 4234587

Dr. Shahzad Karim Bhatti is working as assistant Professor in Department of Interventional Radiology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital/Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore. His department is equipped with latest modalities like ultrasound, mammography, Floroscopy, CT scan and MRI. He is active member of department providing prompt serives to patient belongin to all walks of life.

He did his Fellow ship (FCPS) in Diagnostic Radiology in 2007 from College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSP) and Membership (MCPS) in Radiology in 2005 from CPSP, Karachi.

His skill in internventional radiology performing procedure like brain angiography, neck/carotid and lower limb angioplasty and stenting, spinal biopsies and other high tech interventional procedures helped him in using his skills and experience in pain management. He has presented his work in different conferences and seminars through out world as guest speaker and panel expert.

He is a former Kemcolian and did his graduation from King Edwards Medical college in 1989.

He loves sports and is active golfer with many prizes under his belt.


He is trained Interventional Radiologist, a person who can perform different procedures with the help of needle instead of doing open surgery.  His special interest is in Ozone therapy for pain relief. He is one of only few doctors in Pakistan who are specially trained from Italy for this therapy. He is the first Pakistani who got fellowship from American Ozone academy in Carson City, Nevada USA. He has the honor to present his work on Ozone on Pakistani patients in conferences in Las Vagus, USA as invited speaker.

His did his MSc in Pain management from Islamabad, Pakistan. It is the highest pain management degree in Pakistan. He is now trainer and speaker for Pakistani pain physicians.

In Ozone therapy Oxygen-Ozone preparation is injected with help of a very small needle to get the results. This is 10 minutes procedure with no side effects and is successfully used in Slip disc, Back PainLower Back Pain and sciatica.

He got ozone training for Joint pain specially in Rheumatology (study of Joints) from Bad Kreuznach, Germany, which is one of the largest center for joint pain treatment in Europe.  In Knee Pain, shoulder and other joint pains ozone is injected in the skin with the help of very small needle. No need to inject in side joints which is pain full and have side effects. Ozone can absorb 10 times more faster in muscles as compared to oxygen so  have good effect without injecting deep.   This treatment is almost pain free. Skin is sprayed with local anesthetic to further minimize pain.

He is certified Cosmetic Ozone therapy specialist and got certified from USA in cosmetic Ozone. Acne, wrinkles and Pimples can be treated with ozone with out any need of antibiotics, steroids or other drugs taken by mouth. Ozone can increase skin tone and enhances glow.

Dr Shahzad karim is also expert in performing whole body angiography, specially brain.  He is integral part of a highly skilled and dedicated team which is doing special non operative treatment of certain brain and spine tumors who otherwise need extensive surgical intervention.


His special interest is in Ultrasound. He has his own state of the art equipment in whole body color Doppler ultrasound in his setup in Iqbal Town, Lahore, where he is doing obstetrical, gynecological, musculoskeletal, abdominal and whole body color dopplers.

His skill in Musculoskelatal ultrasound has helped him in treatment of muscles and joints, which otherwise would have needed MRI. He is also doing ultrasound guided biopsies, aspirations and other image guided procedures.


He is also a Supervisor of College of Physicians and Surgeons and is trainer of FCPS, MCPS, MD and DMRD students and keen in training of upcoming radiologists. He is faculty member of many universities of Lahore. He is frequent traveler abroad to train doctors in ozone therapy.